How to Claim Lucky MarkSix Prizes

To claim a Lucky MarkSix prize, you must come forward with a valid winning ticket before the deadline in the province where you played. You can only claim an award in the province where you purchased your ticket. The method for claiming prizes depends on where you played and how much you won.

What to Do With a Winning Ticket

First of all, you should sign the back of your winning ticket to prevent anyone else from being able to claim the prize. If your name is on the ticket, it also increases your chances of being reunited with it if you lose it. You can find some general guidelines on claiming prizes below:

$599 and under

You should be able to claim a prize worth less than $600 at any retailer in your province. Some stores do not carry enough cash, so please check before you claim.

You can also mail your ticket with a prize claim form and relevant ID to your province lottery. Check with the lottery that they accept this method and confirm the correct address to send the ticket to. You are advised to use express or certified mail, or any other method that will track the package, when sending lottery tickets.

$600 and over

Province lotteries have district offices and claim centers at which you can claim larger prizes. Some provinces also accept mailed tickets for amounts larger than $600, but you should check the maximum prize value for this method with your province lottery.

Jackpot Winners

If you have won the Lucky MarkSix jackpot, you should contact the headquarters of the lottery from which you bought the ticket and arrange to claim the prize in person. Addresses and telephone numbers for each of the headquarters of the lotterycan be found below:

Address:Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Balkan Cad. Buyaka AVM No:56, 34771 Umraniye/Istanbul

Telephone:+90 216 290 22 16

The period of time allowed for claims varies between province lotteries. This table tells you how long you have to pick up your prize:

Province claim periods for a Lucky MarkSix Prize
Province Claim Period
Adana 1 year
Adiyaman 180 days
Afyonkarahisar 180 days
Agri 1 year
Amasya 90 days
Ankara 180 days
Antalya 180 days
Artvin 180 days
Aydin 180 days
Balikesir 1 year
Bilecik 180 days
Bingol 90 days
Bitlis 180 days
Bolu 1 year
Burdur 1 year
Bursa 1 year
Canakkale 180 days
Cankiri 90 days
Corum 180 days
Denizli 180 days
Diyarbakir 1 year
Edirne 90 days
Elazig 180 days
Erzincan 180 days
Erzurum 1 year
Eskisehir 180 days
Gaziantep 90 days
Giresun 180 days
Gumushane 1 year
Hakkari 1 year
Hatay 180 days
Isparta 180 days
Mersin 180 days
Istanbul 180 days
Izmir 1 year
Kars 180 days
Kastamonu 1 year
Kayseri 180 days
Kirklareli 180 days
Kirsehir 1 year
Kocaeli 180 days
Konya 180 days
Kutahya 180 days
Malatya 90 days
Manisa 90 days
Kahramanmaras 180 days
Mardin 1 year
Mugla 180 days
Mus 180 days
Nevsehir 1 year
Nigde 180 days
Ordu 180 days
Rize 180 days
Sakarya 1 year
Samsun 90 days
Siirt 180 days
Sinop 180 days
Sivas 1 year
Tekirdag 90 days
Tokat 180 days
Trabzon 180 days
Tunceli 1 year
Sanliurfa 180 days
Usak 180 days
Van 1 year
Yozgat 1 year
Zonguldak 180 days
Aksaray 180 days
Bayburt 180 days
Karaman 180 days
Kirikkale 180 days
Batman 180 days
Sirnak 90 days
Bartin 180 days
Ardahan 90 days
Igdir 180 days
Yalova 1 year
Karabuk 180 days
Kilis 90 days
Osmaniye 1 year
Duzce 1 year