How to Play Lucky MarkSix

Lucky MarkSix can be played by visiting authorized retailers in any of the 81 participating provinces, or by playing online in those provinces that allow it. Find out all about how to play Lucky MarkSix on this page and follow the steps below to buy your first entry.

How to Buy a Ticket

  1. Retailer

    Pick up a Lucky MarkSix playslip from an authorized retailer in any of the participating provinces.

  2. Main Numbers

    On the playslip, pick six main numbers between 1 and 49.

  3. Quick Pick

    Alternatively, select the Quick Pick or Easy Pick option to have all of your numbers randomly selected.

  4. Repeat

    Repeat these steps for each line of numbers you want to play. Each line costs $1.

  5. Draws

    Select how many draws you wish to enter in advance (where available).

  6. Multiplier

    Choose whether to play the All Star Bonus for an additional $1 per line.

  7. Payment

    Pay the retailer for your ticket(s) and remember to store them safely until after the draw.

  8. Checker

    Visit the Winning Numbers page after the draw to check if you’re a winner.

Drawings take place on every afternoon at 4:30pm UTC+3 and are held in the Lucky MarkSix studio. The studio is located at the headquarters of the Istanbul Lottery in Marmara Region.

Ticket sales close at different times on the day of the draw in each of the participating provinces. The table below shows the different ticket purchase cut-off times for each province:

Lucky MarkSix Ticket Cut-Off Times
province Ticket Sales Deadline
Adana 4:30pm UTC +3
Adiyaman 4:30pm UTC +3
Afyonkarahisar 4:30pm UTC +3
Agri 4:30pm UTC +3
Amasya 4:30pm UTC +3
Ankara 4:30pm UTC +3
Antalya 4:30pm UTC +3
Artvin 4:30pm UTC +3
Aydin 4:30pm UTC +3
Balikesir 4:30pm UTC +3
Bilecik 4:30pm UTC +3
Bingol 4:30pm UTC +3
Bitlis 4:30pm UTC +3
Bolu 4:30pm UTC +3
Burdur 4:30pm UTC +3
Bursa 4:30pm UTC +3
Canakkale 4:30pm UTC +3
Cankiri 4:30pm UTC +3
Corum 4:30pm UTC +3
Denizli 4:30pm UTC +3
Diyarbakir 4:30pm UTC +3
Edirne 4:30pm UTC +3
Erzincan 4:30pm UTC +3
Erzurum 4:30pm UTC +3
Eskisehir 4:30pm UTC +3
Gaziantep 4:30pm UTC +3
Giresun 4:30pm UTC +3
Gumushane 4:30pm UTC +3
Hakkari 4:30pm UTC +3
Hatay 4:30pm UTC +3
Isparta 4:30pm UTC +3
Mersin 4:30pm UTC +3
Istanbul 4:30pm UTC +3
Izmir 4:30pm UTC +3
Kars 4:30pm UTC +3
Kastamonu 4:30pm UTC +3
Kayseri 4:30pm UTC +3
Kirklareli 4:30pm UTC +3
Kirsehir 4:30pm UTC +3
Kocaeli 4:30pm UTC +3
Konya 4:30pm UTC +3
Kutahya 4:30pm UTC +3
Malatya 4:30pm UTC +3
Manisa 4:30pm UTC +3
Kahramanmaras 4:30pm UTC +3
Mardin 4:30pm UTC +3
Mugla 4:30pm UTC +3
Mus 4:30pm UTC +3
Nevsehir 4:30pm UTC +3
Nigde 4:30pm UTC +3
Ordu 4:30pm UTC +3
Rize 4:30pm UTC +3
Siirt 4:30pm UTC +3
Sakarya 4:30pm UTC +3
Samsun 4:30pm UTC +3
Sinop 4:30pm UTC +3
Sivas 4:30pm UTC +3
Tekirdag 4:30pm UTC +3
Tokat 4:30pm UTC +3
Trabzon 4:30pm UTC +3
Tunceli 4:30pm UTC +3
Sanliurfa 4:30pm UTC +3
Usak 4:30pm UTC +3
Van 4:30pm UTC +3
Yozgat 4:30pm UTC +3
Zonguldak 4:30pm UTC +3
Aksaray 4:30pm UTC +3
Bayburt 4:30pm UTC +3
Karaman 4:30pm UTC +3
Kirikkale 4:30pm UTC +3
Batman 4:30pm UTC +3
Sirnak 4:30pm UTC +3
Bartin 4:30pm UTC +3
Ardahan 4:30pm UTC +3
Igdir 4:30pm UTC +3
Yalova 4:30pm UTC +3
Karabuk 4:30pm UTC +3
Kilis 4:30pm UTC +3
Osmaniye 4:30pm UTC +3
Duzce 4:30pm UTC +3

How to Win Prizes

On the night of each draw, one machines dispense a total of Seven lottery numbers. the first 6 numbers are the Drawn Numbers and the 7th number is the Extra Number.

You win prizes by matching the numbers you selected with those dispensed from the lottery machines during the drawing. The more numbers that you match, the bigger the prize.There are Seven different prize tiers in total, details of which can be found on the Prizes page.

It’s important to remember that you can only win a prize in a Lucky MarkSix draw if you have bought a ticket. Scammers often target people to say they have won a big prize in the lottery, usually in a draw that they have not entered. Take a look at our Scams page for more information and find out what to do if you think you have been contacted by a scammer.

Playing the All Star Bonus

The All Star Bonus costs an additional $1 per line. To play it, simply mark the option on your playslip. You don’t need to select any further numbers.

On the night of the draw, an All Star Bonus number between 2 and 5 will be randomly selected. If you opted to play the All Star Bonus, any non-jackpot prizes you win are multiplied by this number. The bonus is the same for all players.

See the All Star Bonus page for more information about the kind of money that can be won when you play with this extra feature.

How to Claim a Prizes

Prizes can only be claimed in the province in which the winning lottery ticket was bought. How you claim your winnings depends on the size of the prize and the province you are playing in. Winning tickets must be checked and validated by the lottery operator in the province where the ticket was bought, or by an agent of the operator, such as a licensed retailer, before prizes can be paid out.

For full details of how to claim Lucky MarkSix prizes, see the How to Claim page.